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MIA Skirts - Black

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Our Mia skirts are one of our best sellers. It’s a complete must-have and a favorite amongst our clients and followers. The skirt comes with a pencil African print skirt serving as the lining and tulle that goes over it. The tulle is light from the waist to the knee and gets fuller at the bottom. The lining ( African print ) is 18’’ long and the tulle is 36” long. The skirt comes in two colors. There’s orange and black. The orange has a blue African print lining and the black has a black and red African print lining. 

  • Waistband fitted 
  • Zipper fitted in the back 
  • The lining is 18” long 
  • The skirt is 36” long 
  • Extra care must be taken because the tulle is very delicate and soft. 
  • Dry cleaning is recommended.

Extra Care
Hand wash
! Use cold water & small amount of detergent & gently wash.
! Rinse with cold water until all of the detergent is out out of the tulle and print.

Machine wash
! Select the delicate cycle on the washing machine and make sure the water temperature is cold and spin on low.
! Add appropriate amount of delicate wash according to the machine & load size.
! Hang flat on drying rack to dry.
!!! *Do not put in machine dryer.
! Do not apply heat to the tulle directly. Always use the lowest heat setting for the tulle.