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February By Serwaa

MIA Two Piece Set - Black

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Product Details

this is a two piece set which comes with our Mia tulle skirt and a bustier top. The top has ribbons for sleeves and its boned and also has a bra cup. 

This also comes in two colours. We have the black set and the orange set. 

  • Bustier top 
  • Zipper fitted in the back 
  • Bra caps fitted 
  • The top is boned 
  • The skirt has a waist band 
  • Zipper fitted in the back 
  • Lining is 18’’ long 
  • Skirt is 36’’ long 
  • Dry cleaning is recommended.

Extra Care
Hand wash
! Use cold water & small amount of detergent & gently wash.
! Rinse with cold water until all of the detergent is out out of the tulle and print.

Machine wash
! Select the delicate cycle on the washing machine and make sure the water temperature is cold and spin on low.
! Add appropriate amount of delicate wash according to the machine & load size.
! Hang flat on drying rack to dry.
!!! *Do not put in machine dryer.
! Do not apply heat to the tulle directly. Always use the lowest heat setting for the tulle.